Abe Lincoln’s Mom

I have to stop putting change in the same pocket as my keys.  Whenever I try to open my car door, I end up making it rain everywhere.  I guess it’d be like making it hail since it’s just some quarters and nickels.  Silver hail.

Wtf are pennies?  Seriously it’s the worst part of change.  If I go to buy something and the total is $8.11, I’ll use my card just so I don’t get 4 pennies back.  Sorry, Mr. Lincoln: I don’t hate you as a person…I just hate the coin that your face is on.  You got jipped in the monetary department.

Where in the world is the R in Colonel?  The English language is so crazy.  And why are K’s silent?  My name could be Evin.  Language warning, Bkob.

I love homemade food.  The object is to make the people you’re serving happy, so I think you tend to put a little extra time and effort into it.  You could by a salad, but people make it special.  You could stop by KFC, or you could just make some homemade chicken.  It’s someone’s mini-creation and not only are they proud of it, and their happiness relies on your happiness.  Plus, it’s usually something you’ve never had.

Today was Mother’s day and I had some awesome homemade food.  It’s funny how it’s mom’s turn to relax, but she usually ends up making the food for her own day haha.  It’s like baking a birthday cake for your own birthday.  All I had to do was eat and clean the dishes.  Successful “son”day.

I’m glad we have a day to acknowledge the person who either gave birth to us or raised us like they did.  A mom’s love is invaluable.  Growing up, you might not realize it, but once you fly from the nest, you realize who made that cozy nest and how much mama bird actually did for you.  It makes going back to the nest that much more enjoyable.  I love my mom for all the and irreplaceable gifts, memories and values that she has given me and appreciate it more and more.  I am blessed to have a mother’s love in my life and I know you are too.

I love all moms, but most of all, I love mine.

Thanks for reading, you momma’s boy.

– Evin, the Change Colonel


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