Bachelor Parties and Weddings

Last Friday, I heard some guy walk by my desk and say to a co-worker, “Today I fit in to my skinny pants!” Someone was about to have a fantastic Friday…

This past weekend was a busy one and it started on Friday when a friend from elementary school got married. I’ve been lucky enough to be a groomsman in 5 weddings, and it’s great to know that the role that you play in someone’s life allows you to be a part such an important day. I’m a sucker for love, and when it comes to weddings, there is so much of it. Love is awesome when you can feel it, but it’s even greater when you witness it. And it’s not just the bride and groom or the bridal party; it’s the way that friends and family show love towards the couple.

I also went to a bachelor party out in Lake Havasu right after the wedding, and I don’t think I’ve ever had so many random strangers call me a bitch because I wouldn’t take a drink. My friends (bless their hearts) always try to have a good time, and apparently that means telling strangers that I’m being a punk because I don’t want to take a jagger bomb. The next morning, I told the bachelor about my experience, and he said, “if you’re so upset, why don’t you blog about it, bitch.” Thanks, friend…

“Some guy just said that, after we left, there was a big fight. It was between the girl who was wearing pasties and that other girl who was wearing a wife beater.” I feel like that sentence could only be said when you’re at a lake…

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been struggling with creativity. I’ve had fewer personal discoveries and insights, and those stem from either internal struggles or extreme boredom. If my mind is working hard on solving a personal problem, then my brain power is dedicated to that. If my mind is not working at all, then it starts to travel down random road, which dead ends at random post.

I’m in a better place, which leads me to the terrible realization that I am now bitching that I have nothing to bitch about. It’s left me with a feeling that I’m not growing as a person. My personal growth has been stunted because of lack of adversity and boredom…

I have a habit of analyzing and compartmentalizing everything because I need to figure out how things should fit together, which is why I use so many analogies, similies and metaphors. I try to weigh pros and cons, benefits and risks, direct paths and alternatives, in order to come up with the best possible solution. And I’ve figured out that when my mind isn’t doing that, it sets off a dumb alarm that signals “you’re not learning anything.”

I need to be a better person, friend, significant other and family member. I’ve been complacent, looking for something to push me in a direction to be better. But realistically, I need to do it on my own. And somehow, I feel like the key factor is less tv.

It’s time to take some initiative and be better out of desire, not necessity.

Thanks for reading.

– Senor Jagger


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  1. Miss you buddy! Hope you find what you’re looking for soon!!

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