Big Foot’s Home Video

Guys typically use 2 paper products: toilet paper and paper towels.  These two wonderful inventions have so many other functions than just wiping up spills and wiping up butts.  Toilet paper is of course used for the bathroom, but it can also be used as Kleenex, a place to put your gum, a soft device to kill small bugs and spiders, and sometimes, it’s used as a paper towel.  But the paper towel! My goodness, the versatility paper towel is unrivaled.  Of course you can use it to wipe things and soak up spills, but it can also be used as a plate, something that covers food in the microwave or the fridge, a small bag, a coffee filter, something to write on, a napkin, etc.  The list goes on and on. It’s tied with duct tape for must useful household item.

Is it weird to anyone else that the only people who see Big Foot are…kooky?  And anyone who films a crazy phenomenon has the hand control of a 2-year-old.  Film is always shaky/blurry.  A lot more people would believe you if you didn’t live in a cabin in the woods and it looked like you were having a seizure while taping…

I just discovered that there is a movie called “Duct Tape Forever“…wtf is that.  What’s the plot, you ask?  The Possum Lodge accidentally loses a limousine into a lake, and a spiteful judge fines them $10,000.  Red Green (that’s the main character’s actual name in the movie), nephew of the lodge owner, enters a contest to make a duct tape sculpture of a loon.  Yes…a loon.

I love crappy movies.  If this was on TBS, I’d be watching it right now.

You know how many repo shows there are on TV right now?  Way too many…that’s how many.

I realized that you could be a great figure in this world but if you’re not a good human being you’re nothing to this world.  When you begin building your empire or your legacy, make sure you don’t take a dump on all those people who made it happen.  The best way you can give back is by being nice.  I hate it when people treat people in entry level positions like crap.  Unless those entry level people deserve it because they’re jerks.  In that case, do your best to kill them with kindness.  If that fails, poop on them in a professional manner.

Sometimes good deeds go unnoticed.  Doesn’t mean that we should stop doing them.  You can never do enough nice things.  You can do a lot of nice things for people who don’t deserve them though and I think that’s why a lot of people stop doing them.  They get tired of being pooped on so it seems smart to just stop.  “If no one else is nice or appreciates it, then why should I be?”  Well if everyone thought that, then no one would be nice.  Instead of stopping, pick someone else to be nice to haha.

Thanks for reading.  The writing chore is slowly becoming a desire.  Things will get better, I promise

– Mr. Towel Tape


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