Bury The Sacrifice

I usually like to start posts with an English lesson.  Today, class…I’d like to compare the pronunciation of Buried and Berried.  Most people pronounce buried like they are saying beginning of the word “bear,” not like “burn.”  I’d much rather be berried alive than buried alive…

But being bearied alive and buried alive is a toss up.  Unless the bears are stuffed and cuddly.  For some reason I imagine them being thrown at me.  Like being stoned to death.  Bearied to death might take a long time.

Whoa whoa, I’m going down a weird spirally, slinky-like tunnel and I need to stop before I sound crazy.


Let’s talk about love 🙂

The love we have for parents is a strange roller coaster depending on what kind of relationship it is.  Most kids go through a stage where they can’t stand their parents because they are just…so freakin lame and, like…the worst thing that could ever happen in my life.  I mean, seriously, like…it’s like they are TRYING to make me miserable.  Like I don’t already have enough teenage angst…

Why was the term “gag me” so popular when teenage girls were talking about something that disgusts them?  “OMG, gag me with a spoon.”  What a weird, graphic and horribly morbid way to say you don’t like something.

Anyways, we eventually grow out of puberty and grow into adults.  I think it’s finally then when we really appreciate everything they’ve done for us.  Of course there are always exceptions that don’t work out that way, but luckily, things worked out for me.  One thing they can’t do though is take pictures.  I don’t know why, but candid pictures with adults NEVER work.  One person is blinking or making a really weird face.  They are all standing weird.  Those pictures look so awkward to me, and it’s frightening to think that one day, I’ll be even more awkward looking in pictures than I am now.

One of the building blocks of love is sacrifice.  I think you can measure how much you love someone by how easy it is to sacrifice something for them.  One of your friends loses someone close and you drop everything you are doing and drive an hour to see them.  Your friends are having a party on a Friday night, but you decide to go home because your mom hints at the fact that she misses having you around.  You quit creeping through clubs hitting on hoodrats and hollering at hoochie mamas cuz you find a girl that’s worth it.  We learn to put aside the things we like for the ones we love.

It’s crazy how crazy love can make you.

Thanks for reading.  Maybe this will become more regular.

Maybe not.

Probably not.

Happy Halloween, my ghouls and goblins.

– The Berried Life


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