Crappy Service

I’m not going to say this is the last time I’m going to complain about certain people, but this is the last time I’ll do it consecutive weeks.

I have nothing against people in the customer service industry.  They fill a need and hopefully do it to the best of their ability.  But some people are real assholes.  And I get that they have to deal with people complaining and being jerks.  In that sense, I have a lot of respect for them because they clock in and they clock out dealing with that stuff every day.  But some people talk to you like you’re supposed to know what they know and that drives me bananas.  Much like this.  (Sorry for the 15-30 second ad.  Hulu’s gotta make money too.)

Last night I went to Best Buy to find a cord that connects my laptop to my tv so I can watch shows on my tv.  I had a basic idea of what I needed, but I had no idea what it was called.  So I went to Best Buy and asked a guy there.

Best Buy Guy: “What kind of cord do you need?”
Me: “I don’t know it has like 3 rows of 5 holes each, but they’re kind of offset.”
Best Buy Guy Turned Nick Burns: (sigghhh) “Do you mean a VGA?”
Me: “I have no idea what I mean. Does that fit the description, you smart ass?”

Of course I didn’t say that.  There’s a strong part of me that thinks of mean comebacks, but holds them in because 1) I don’t want to make the situation worse and 2) I think of it about 10 seconds too late.

A little while ago I was in Vegas sharing a room with 5 guys.  So we called for room service to bring up extra sheets and pillows.  This 6’3″, chiseled, blonde and tan guy comes up carrying them and asks me where he should put them because our room looks like…well…five 20-year-old guys were in there.  I told him I’d take them and they were deceivingly heavy.  I said “wow, these are actually pretty heavy.”  The guy turns to me and says, “They’re just a couple of sheets man…”

“O, excuse me, Brad Pitt lookalike.  I went to college so I wouldn’t have to be carrying sheets all day.  I guess I don’t have as much practice as you do.  Hey, let me ask you a question.  Are you like Head Sheet Guy?  Like if I called for sheets on Tuesday, would you bring them up to me?”

That’s pretty harsh and in no way do I think I’m any better than this guy.  But when I say “thank you” and then the first thing you say to me is a condescending remark on my strength when I’m mildly hungover, I don’t like it.  Here’s your $5, asshole.

I’ve always held the belief that it’s easier to be nice to someone than it is to be mean.  And no matter how many Nick Burns’ I meet, I’ll still believe it.  I’d hate to think that someone’s crappy mindset would permanently change the person I am.  Thank God for good friends and good family.

Thanks for reading.  Happy things to ensue.

– Brad Sheets


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