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Man it took a long time to write.  I had a writer’s block.  Not that I can honestly say that I’ve been thinking about writing a new blog.  Just that the stuff that usually comes out of my head because it wants to, and I need to put it to paper.  Or type it to a weblog.  But nothing was coming out.  I was mentally constipated (if you can put that image together).  But I took a verbal laxative and here it comes…

I realized life is about transitions.  And most of these transitions stem from a decision we make ourselves.  The transition from high school life to college life begins with a personal decision to pursue higher education.  The type of experience you have following is based on what school YOU Decide to attend.  The transition from a college student to an adult begins with a decision you personally make to shed that old life and start a new one.  The transition from friends to dating begins when you decide that you want to become more than just friends.  The transition from dating to ending begins when you decide you don’t want that any more.

There are some transitions that we are not always prepared for.  If someone passes away, it’s not like it was our decision of whether or not that person was going to be in our life any more.  Unless you were the one that ended it.  In which case, you’re a terrible person, and you need to get ready to transition into a jail cell.  And although we may decide who we want to keep in our life and who we do not, death is something that is not always expected, but is always certain.  You then begin to live your life without that person, but eventually, you transition out of a state of mourning and into a different state, based on your decision.  You can become thankful, happy, angry, depressed, etc.  But all those emotions and how you continue your life are based on a personal decision of how you wanted to proceed.  I think how we handle these transitions and what decisions we make define who we are and want to become.  If you’re not happy, you’re making the decision to be unhappy.  Because you very well could make the decision to become happy again.  Granted, this process doesn’t happen overnight, but it certainly won’t happen if you just wait for something good to happen.

It might, which kinda kills that point.  You could win the lotto.  Someone you haven’t talked to in a while could call you with good news.  Anyone could call with good news.  Someone could give you a hug.  There’s a ton of stuff.  But people who are continually upset, need to actively look for a solution.  Because if they don’t, that means they want to be upset.  People might say, “well no one wants to be upset.”  But if they are not doing anything to fix it, then what else could it be?  No motivation to be happy?  Go make it happen.

That’s one great thing I learned from one book I read.  I don’t know what book it was, or when I read it, but it said if you want to receive, give first.  If you want a hug, give a hug.  If you want people to be kind to you, be kind to people.  People are usually nice to other nice people.  There are a few people who aren’t, but those people are making the decision to be mean.  Transition to nice…

My life is about to transition.  And although I don’t know if I’m ready for that transition, it’s my decision to start it.  Once it starts, I may not be the same person I was, but hopefully for the better.

Transition to happy…


Thanks for reading

-The Mover


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