Getting In The Game

When you’ve been in a relationship for a while and then suddenly, you aren’t anymore, I think you have to re-learn how to play the “game.”  And I realized not a lot has changed as far as guys getting girls.  Let me explain…

Here’s how the cavemen used to do it:
1). Get club
2). Hit girl
3). She blackout
4). Take her home

Here’s how the modern man does it:
1). Go to the club
2). Hit on a girl
3). She gets blackout drunk
4). Take her home

It seems like clubbing is the thing to do now.  Not that it’s like some crazy new trend or anything.  It just seems like that’s where the hot girls go “to dance.”  It’s the hot girl watering hole if you will.  Even AT&T had a promotion for their new Windows phone that said “Less Staring; More Clubbing.”  Who’s the creative genius behind that slogan?

And I’m not saying that’s the only place to find girls.  But you’re more likely to find an attractive girl at a club than you are at like…a Walmart.  Again, maybe a bit of a stretch, but where else do you meet girls?  Friends are basically a crapshoot.  That’s why I think internet dating is becoming more widely accepted.  Plus, it takes you out of the alcohol dilemma, which will now be explained.

There’s so much gamesmanship and strategy that takes place when you try to pick up a girl at a place that serves alcohol.  And what’s worse is I think both sexes make it equally hard on the other.  If a creep asks to buy a girl a drink, I know more girls who will readily accept the drink than say “no” when they obviously already know it’s a “no.”  And by accepting the drink, you’re basically saying…”Alright, you got 3 minutes to change my mind or at least, that’s how much time I’m going to give you out of courtesy. After that, it’s another drink or I’m outta here.”  It’s like the price of admission to see the show.  And the show is titled “How to win a girl in 3 minutes.”  And it costs $8.00.  So guys, practice your 3 minute conversations.

Girls will accept drinks from creeps when it’s the wrong thing to do.  You’re sending mixed signals to a guy that obviously doesn’t take signals well.  If he’s hitting on you, a guy should probably know by your body language or your facial expressions that you’re not interested.  But most girls think it’s ok to play the game.  Then they wonder why they only attract creeps, or why the guy who bought them a drink won’t leave them alone.  It’s because you accepted the gift, and to them, the conversation wasn’t worth the price of admission.  They want more and think they are owed it.  Maybe it’s because you’re giving them a chance to see the show, you dummy.  When girls accept drinks from creeps, they are basically saying, “This gin and tonic that is $8.00 is a worth my trouble of entertaining this dude for 3 minutes.  Cause after that, I can shake you.”  Good luck…

Girls need to be overly careful, and guys need to play the game in order to have a chance.  For some reason, that’s the way it is.  It’s a sucky situation, and if girls had to do most of the legwork like guys do, I’m sure it would be the same thing the other way around.  Guys would take drinks from girls that they are not attracted to at all.  And that’s just how people are.  That’s why I always bring my club…

Moral of the story: girls…be careful.  Guys…be smart.  And never, NEVER, buy a girl a shot…

Thanks for reading.

– The Caveman


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