Remember Gordo?  You know…Lizzie McGuire’s best friend.

By the way, don’t Google Image Search “Gordo.”  I really should have thought that one out a little better…

I guess I’ve now just publicly admitted knowing not only what Lizzie McGuire is, but who her best friend was.  It was Gordo.  This goofy ass, curly haired little turd who had this pseudo kinda-hot-for-14 friend, and I think I secretly envied him.  He was the level-headed one, and was always there for Lizzie when she got into all of her crazy adventures.  Then he kinda gets the girl in the end.  Then Gordo grew up and went to UC Berkeley and studied Geography.

Remember Even Stevens?  What the hell happened to Ren?  Who would have guessed Shia Lebouf was going to be the leading man in movies about robots, and acting opposite of Will Smith, Harrison Ford, and Michael Douglas?

Anyways…back to not embarrassing bromances.  I think we’re starting to reach a/another turning point in our lives.  And by we, I mean a lot of people in my age group.  The past 3 years have been sprinkled with important and life altering decisions, and I think we’re finally starting to see the results of the decisions that we’ve made.  And I think some of the results that we see are unsettling.  Some things have not panned out the way that we thought they would.  Some things panned out that we never thought about in the first place.  But it’s getting to the point where we have to make a second round of tough life decisions that will usher us out of one period of our lives and into the next.  It’s like riding a roller coaster again.  You know what happens, but it still catches you off guard and makes you feel woozy.  But it starts with a decision to ride.

There are a lot of decisions that we have to make that are right, even though they don’t feel like it.  We start reassessing our priorities, and eventually, “Me” comes into play.  Am I happy?  Is there where I want to be?  Is this where I want to be going?  Sometimes those internal conflicts confirm suspicions, and sometimes they reveal something completely new.  But those decisions need to be made to let us know that, if we are not where we want to be, we are at least on the right track.

To all my friends who are struggling with decisions in their life, remember 2 things.

1). Just because it’s not the worst does not mean it’s the best
2). Nothing good gets away

Keep in mind that the people in your life should be improving it, and the things that are meant to last will.  But don’t prevent yourself from being happy just for someone else.

Note to self: take your own advice.

Thanks for reading

– Ren Stevens, I’m Waiting, Girl…Call Me…


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