Halloween Costume Ideas

I’m pretty terrible at Halloween.  I always end up picking a really weird outfit 2-0 days prior to the holiday.  I think it’d be funny to dress up in really specific costumes that everyone has to ask you what you are.  “Dude, come on…I’m the Great Gatsby.”

I think it’s hilarious when people are rude to others and they don’t know them.  There are rude people out there, and they’re gonna be jerks to you because they’re assholes.  I think all you can do is shake it off and laugh.  I just imagine what my life would be like if I was mean to everyone I talked to.  Just mean, grumpy and rude.  I think most people genuinely try to be initially nice to strangers.  What a grumpy, unhappy, fulfilling life that must be.  It feels way worse to be crappy to people all the time then to be nice to them.

I don’t think it’s that amazing that my grandma sends me emails.  I just figured, “Ok, grandma; you’re a smart cookie.  Here’s a computer, here’s how you access your email account.  You write the message, press send, and then I get it.  Got it?”  Of course I had to write everything down step-by-step, but just like learning anything new, repetition turns something new into something old.  She sent me an early graduation check, but I was hesitant to cash it because lately, she has helped me out financially a lot.  Here are some small excerpts from her email.

“Please deposit the check – you will be without your school job, and you can use this check to pay your rent, and other expenses -i.e., health insurance, car insurance, Care Credit, etc.  Besides what’s an old lady going to do with her money – her closet is full of clothes, some still new; no mortgage, my health insurance is paid in full, no car payments, etc.

“Looking forward to your graduation – I would climb 20-30 stairs to see you graduate.  After your graduation, we can celebrate.

see you soon, love, grandma.”

Sometimes, the love you feel for someone fills up inside you so much that it comes out of your eyes <3

Thanks for reading.

– The Grumpy Gatsby


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