Hygiene, Age, Guitars, and Pregnancy

Lack of hygiene is most prevalent when its followed by food.  I don’t know how many times I’ve pet a dog right before I ate something.  And I really don’t care.  If a germ from a dog’s body sickens or kills me, I should be ashamed of my immune system.

A lot of things happened last week that I didn’t think went thematically with the rest of last week’s post, so I chucked it into this week’s hodgepodge of thoughts.  Last week, an 18-year-old asked me how old I was.  (Don’t think I’m a creep.  I work directly with a bunch of college kids for hours at a time).  I asked her how old she thought I was (again, remove thoughts of creepiness).  I always like asking this question, because it gives me a gauge of what they perceive me as.  She said…

“Well you act really young…like…you’re like 19.  But your voice is really deep and mature like you’re 25.  So I’m guessing around there.”

I act like I’m 19?  Really?  Cool it, youngin.  (I’m 24 by the way)  Just wait til you graduate and you wish you didn’t have responsibilities except for making it to the cafeteria on time.  You’ll act the same way I do now, only probably a little more immature cause you’re a little turd.  Haha that’s jacked up.  I’m kidding…kinda.

How old is 24 really?  Who’s to say that I’m not acting the way I should be and everyone else is acting differently?  I’m acting the way I think I should be acting.  I still tell you what to do because I know what you should be doing.  I definitely don’t mean to give off the vibe that I’m a year older than a freshman in college.  I want to seem mature and have authority, but still have fun.  Plus, I know older people who act more immature than I do.

That same weekend, a 48-year-old man called me a slushpuppy.  I felt so cute…

I was told a couple days ago that women use about 7,000 words a day, while men only use 2,000.  And women say that men don’t listen enough…if we listen to a 1/3 of the things you say, then we’re pretty much equal.  I hear communication is a key to a successful relationship, but how can it be so one-sided?  Men are listening; we just have to be listening 3 times as much as you to match the talking-to-listening percentage done by women.  If women are having trouble communicating with their man, all they have to do is ask and not be angry.  I think you’d be surprised at what a guy will tell you if you are generally interested in finding out.

If guys knew how much girls loved guys who can play the guitar, and guys also knew how easy it was to learn a few chords, there would be a dramatic increase in guitar sales…

It’s amazing how much easier it is to deal with people when they are friendly.  And I don’t mean fake friendly like when someone is reading off a script, saying “Based on my performance today, what would you rate your level of satisfaction?”  You can tell they’re trying to be friendly, but you know behind that phone they want to kill me for calling in complaining about how my internet has been down for 1/2 of the day.  I love talking to happy people.  And I genuinely think that happy people love talking to me.

The CW is making a major push in advertising.  They are advertising a show called “Life Unexpected”  It’s supposed to be “Juno meets Gilmore Girls”  and “the most anticipated show of the year”.  Really?  The most anticipated show?  I feel like I hear that 10 times a year.  Every channel has “the most anticipated show of the year.”  It just doesn’t make any sense how there could be so much anticipation and so much let down.  Shame on you, CW.  But really: good luck…kinda.

There’s a show coming out on Lifetime called “Pregnancy Pact.”  If you’re interested, look it up, but I’m gonna give you a spoiler and tell you what its all about…It’s about a group of high school girls who agree to get pregnant and raise their kids together and all be happy and perfect.  The movie, quote…”illustrates that to the contrary, teenage motherhood limits the mother’s life while derailing the lives of everyone around them, from stunned boyfriends to frustrated and often angry parents…Instead of being heroes, which is how they see new moms, they create problems, and their babies are brought into a world of edgy struggle” (NY Daily News, 2010) (APA formatting)…

Add this to the list of things I don’t understand on TV

And to the add to the last bit of this random-thought stew: it’s always better to work on a relationship you have now before working on one you don’t.  It’s better to at least try to save something you already invested time and love in than to give up and start with someone who may or may not be worth it.  I think you need to work on getting over it AFTER you’ve worked on getting passed it.  And if it doesn’t work out, then work on yourself before working WITH someone else.  These setbacks are just setups for comebacks (Thanks Buried Life).  But, then again, sometimes these comebacks aren’t meant to happen (Thanks REAL life)

Thanks for reading

– Thought Pact/Packed


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