Light Beer and Art

This weekend was eventful.  On Friday I went to the Orange International Street Fair to be harassed and taken advantage of ($4 Bud Lights).  There were so many people there, I have no idea why anyone would think that it’s fun listening to loud, nonsensical music while rubbing up against hot, sweaty people (definition of clubbing).  And it’s weird how cold beer and a few jokes can make a situation better.

Light beer is really cheap, but also makes white people act kooky…

Before I got there, I saw some guy on a road bike geared up like he was Tour de Francing.  He was biking super fast in his little bike shorts, sporty sunglasses, aerodynamic jersey and helmet.  Five seconds later, I see 2 Mormons sweating like Shaq at the Free throw line, riding on their Huffy mountain bikes carrying matching backpacks.  I wonder if that’s how Lance Armstrong trained.

“Please no Mormons, please no Mormons.”

That same night I went to an Art Show and didn’t blend in.  Someone looked at my shirt and asked me how my Weekend was at Bernie’s

Fashion Sense – a solid understanding of what is currently trending, with a good eye to match colors and styles
Fashion Cents – wearing either the same shirts for 4 years or the shirts your grandma buys for Christmas
Fashion Scents – a perfume or cologne that appears in an ad that makes you say “that commercial was for perfume? wtf?”

I also saw graffiti on a bathroom wall that said “Only boring people get bored.”  Very profound for someone taking a poop.

I also went home and spent time with my Grandma and mom, which is always great.  My grandma gave me a roll of toilet paper and taped on a piece of paper that said “Happy Birthday, Kevin!”

Somehow, this post got really poopy.

My grandma also gave me a to-go bag that had a jar of peanut butter, canned tuna, and green tea.  My grandma is almost 90, but her mind is a steel trap.  She can remember small little references that I make and will always give me things that I need.  She also included an article in the paper that talked about a 90-year-old man’s observations in the corporate world.  In the article, he said this.

“Those who are ‘observed as failing to comprehend what is laughable about a situation often will seem to be intellectually deficient…Comedy happens.'”

“Anyone in a leadership role will be handicapped in projecting influence if he or she is missing the humor gene.”

Humor makes things better.  And so do poop jokes and light beer.

Thanks for reading.

– Bernie’s Graffiti Artist


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