Looks Like You Don’t Care

When did it became fashionable to look like you didn’t care?  There are so many v-neck white-shirt and designer jean men going around with 30 minute bed-head hair, its ridiculous.  I didn’t know not caring took so much money and effort.  I usually spend 5 minutes getting ready; 3 minutes to pick out something clean and 2 minutes to find a matching pair of socks.

Isn’t it weird how people who wear white lab coats look so professional?  But it’s only professional if you work somewhere where it’s part of the dress code.  Any other time, it’s just called Halloween.

I had to write a paper this week that was due on Saturday.  I knew about this 10 weeks ago.  I started it on Monday…

It’s so hard to motivate myself to write a paper.  I usually have to break it down into the smallest baby steps.  The first step is always typing my name and the class.  Then I usually take a 30 minute break.

It’s sad how hard it is to apply myself to work that I don’t want to do.  It’s hard to think that it takes so much effort to apply myself.  The ability is there…the motivation isn’t.  Time and fear are probably the biggest motivators when it comes to writing papers.

Is my life just one big attempt to apply myself?  Every action starts with the decision to begin.  Then you just have to follow through with the first step.

Every change must stem from a personal desire to WANT to change.  This can only come from yourself.  You can’t change for anyone else, because there is a tendency to lose motivation.  Change is always hard; the desire must be stronger than the challenge.

Sometimes you get yourself lost in a little dark tunnel and all you need is a light to figure out where to go.  That’s when a friend comes into the tunnel carrying a flashlight.  Sometimes they lead you out; sometimes they’ll just hold the flashlight and walk with you.  Either way, they’re there for you.

I’m happy that I’ve surrounded myself with friends who carry flashlights.  If you’d carry a flashlight for me, I’m thankful to have you in my life.  The love is shown through the willingness to walk down that tunnel with me.

Thank you, my Maglite mates.  And happy birthday, big boy.  I should have bought you batteries for all the times you’ve walked with me.

Thanks for reading.

-The Labcoat Lostboy


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