Loving Those Creeps

I have a 1983 Mercury Grand Marquis in my possession.  It was a loner car from a family friend that I was using right after I got into an accident.  I got a new car, but I haven’t been able to return the Merc yet.  To make sure it still runs and doesn’t look like some weirdo just dropped it off and doesn’t care about it, I have to drive it around every now and then.

I walked out of the apartment in a polo, cargo shorts, and flip flops w/socks and started the car, then sat in the driver’s seat while the car warmed up.  While it was warming up, I was watching two jr. highers play basketball in our complex.  That’s when I realized I looked like the hugest creep ever…

And then I laughed…out loud…to myself.

Sometimes I think my life is like a crappy TV show and I’m the only one laughing at its stupid jokes…

Occasionally, when I talk to people, I think about hugging them and it makes me smile.  I’d like to believe some people were thinking the same thing.

The best hugs are the ones that where you can feel the love.  I try to hug people I love like I’m leaving a piece of me with them.  Those are the best hugs.

Man, I’m such a wuss.  My exterior is rugged and unkempt, but my interior is systematic love.  I’m like a robotic puppy.

One of my biggest struggles in life was confidence.  I wasn’t always confident in abilities, in my relationships, in my work, and in my life in general.  It’s something that I’ve been consistently working on.  I’ve talked about it before.   And I realized one of the biggest influences on confidence is trust.  To me, they go hand-in-hand.  2 peas in a pod.  2 birds in the bush.  2…pigs in a blanket…I don’t know, I’m running out of metaphors, don’t judge me.

Trust was always easy for me.  Everyone typically gets 100% of my trust until they do something to break it.  From the first time I meet someone, they start at 100.  Then body language, behaviors, habits and language typically adjust the value.  But everyone is even until they decide to tell me otherwise.  You just have to make a decision to surround yourself with good people, and stay away from shacking up with tourists.

“He’s a tourist…He vacations in people’s lives.  He takes pictures, puts ’em in a scrapbook, and moves on.

All he’s interested in are stories” (Parks and Rec, 2010).  Thanks APA.

To me, confidence and trust are interchangeable.  Trust in your abilities.  Confidence in your abilities.  Trust in your relationships.  Confidence in your relationships.  No trust = no confidence.  I’m beginning to believe in both.

Confidence = Trust.  Trust = Love.  Make sure you love/trust yourself before you give both away.

Now if I could just work in confidence into that equation, it’d be like…3 pigs in a blanket.

Thanks for reading

– The Romantic Comedy


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