Mac & Cheese and Bad Apples

I recently looked through some old pictures of the past to get over something in the present.  Sometimes a situation gets so bad or frustrating, you have to remember how good it once was to believe it can be that good again.

I’m in a lovey mood, so if you’re not right now, this is your chance to hightail it outta here.

That’s a fun little phrase.  I might have to use that one again.  So is “let’s blow this popsicle stand”.  What a cool expression.  I’ve never seen a popsicle stand, but I imagine it must be pretty lame if a whole phrase was invented to express how someone wanted to leave it.

I feel like not trusting people would be a lot harder than actually trusting them.  You always gotta think about whether or not they’re gonna screw you over.  To always be on your toes or always keep up some emotional armor.  I feel like those people are always cautious that they’re gonna get hurt.  Maybe it’s just who you’re choosing to be around or hang out with.  Maybe it’s not everyone else; maybe it’s you.

I’m convinced that the only person you can be control is yourself.  So if you don’t like getting hurt, don’t put yourself around people who will hurt you.  And FYI, not everyone will hurt you.  There are good people out there.  You just have to learn how to surround yourself with good people.  And give first.  People are more willing to give if they receive, so give first.

Everyone wants to find someone who is willing to give the same amount as they are.  “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.”  Thanks Moulin Rouge.  Adios, manhood.

The hard part if finding those people.

Those people are out there; you just gotta be willing to let them into your heart.  Not everyone is gonna give that, but not everyone is gonna hurt you.  You have to be willing to encounter and deal with both.  It’s a learning process.  People don’t usually get it right the first time, but we always learn the most from our mistakes.  Just cause they suck the worst haha.  Ok, maybe we don’t always learn from our mistakes, but we always remember them.  Usually people don’t like messing up, so they’ll protect themselves from making the same mistake.  The memories from our screw ups are much more potent than the memories from our first time successes.  Unless those screw ups led to a big time success.

There are good people and there are not so good people in this world.  And our whole life, we’ll be trying to figure out who is what.  But it’s unfair to other people and more importantly, you, to assume that everyone is on the dark side.  Everyone you meet should start neutral.  In fact, everyone you meet should start good until they do something that shows you otherwise.  I’d much rather go through life believing people are going to love me rather than think that they are trying to screw me over, cause that’s what I’m trying to do to them: I’m trying to love them.  I’d rather get hurt while trusting someone then never get hurt trusting no one.  Cause if you trust first, you’ll meet great people and make close friends.  But if you never trust anyone, you’ll end up by yourself wishing you had…

I’m a glass-is-half-full type of guy.  So in any situation, I’ll try to reassure people that things will work out.  And honestly, they usually will.  But things usually get worse before they get better.  And it’s frustrating to me when people get burned and say they’ll never do it again.  Cause deep inside, those people who got burned were looking for something.  They just didn’t find the person who could give that to them.  There are a lot of bad apples out there, but you shouldn’t stop eating apples just because of one bad experience.  Imagine if you had a crappy bowl of macaroni and cheese the first time you tried it.  Knowing how good it is, how crappy would it be to never eat mac & cheese again just from that first impression?  (Sorry to everyone who is lactose intolerant, but you are missing out. There’s an example for you, I’m just too lazy to tailor a metaphor specifically for you…) 🙂

If you got hurt, maybe it’s time to stop doubting and find someone who can make a better bowl…

In any situation, the greatest thing you can do is give what you can.

Thanks for reading.  This blog was more for me than it was for anyone else.  And to everyone who read this, deep inside, you’re a lover.  Act accordingly…

– The Mac & Cheese Lover


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