Peter the Mermaid

So much for keeping up with writing. The last couple weeks were filled with late nights working and a Mos Def concert.  I can’t say that I was busy the entire time.  One week was really terrible and the other weeks, I was just terribly lazy, and there’s not really another way to explain that.  I definitely could have written if I made time for it, but I just didn’t.

Last month, I had mentioned I made a goal to write every day in what I had called the March of Rhymes. It was pretty much 10 days of writing and the rest were…not. The best one I came up with was this.

Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater
Said pumpkin gives him diarrhea

I’ll let that sink in…

I don’t have anything great to write, so I’ll just write about the stuff I’ve been thinking about this week.

Things have been going really well for me lately. Work has been stressful, but that’s allowed a lot of times for me to step up and take the lead on things. I’ve been getting in touch with a lot of old friends, getting to know new ones, and looking forward to a couple of fun trips that are lined up. And I think all of this excitement has really thrown a wet blanket on my writing. I noticed that I only really write deep and meaningful stuff when I’m a little bummed out, which kind of makes me the Taylor Swift of blogging: I only write bangers when I break up with musicians…

Today on Yahoo, there were literally two articles on people who have decided to devote their lives to becoming mermaids. One is a Mermaid and a former Resident Director at at college. She makes her own fins and does pro-bono charity work, which, I guess if you’re choosing “Mermaid” as a profession, that’s the least that you can do. The other is about a Merman who has been obsessed with mermaids ever since he was a child. The best is when they asked his boyfriend about it. His reaction about the criticism: “Haters gonna hate.” There may not be a better justification of why you do questionable things.

Hearing your son is gay? Maybe a little difficult for some. Hearing your son likes being a mermaid on weekends? Maybe a little difficult for most. Hearing that his mother is supportive? Extremely cool.

I really like Yahoo for their homepage. Their search kinda sucks, but whatever, I’ll use the site how I wanna (have you ever tried to search Yahoo for an article created by Yahoo? It’s impossible. I literally have to use Google to find an article on Yahoo. Come on, guys…get it together.

I don’t know why some people use questions when describing things.

“Why I did that? I have no idea. Would I do it again? Probably not. But am I glad I did it? I wouldn’t say that I really enjoyed it, but I definitely don’t regret it. Would I recommend it? Only if you can answer one question of yourself: is this something that I can live with? Did I ask myself that question before I did it? Definitely not, but I would recommend doing that first.”

I’m part of this conversation too you don’t have to ask yourself all the questions.

“I don’t know why I did it, but I’m glad I did. I enjoyed it, and if it’s something you want to do, just make sure you’re cool with it first.”


Anyways, this meets the “One post per week” quota. Thanks for reading.

– Mos Def a Wet Blanket?


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