Pringlish Memories

I need to stop talking to myself in public.

My mom engrained party practices in me at a very young age.  Now, whenever I go somewhere, I try to bring some kind of snack.  I thought chips would be an appropriate selection for a group full of guys, so I was looking around and spotted some Pringles on the bottom row of the aisle.  If you haven’t seen a Pringles can lately, you should check it out; they changed their designs and flavors.  Anyways, I was looking around at flavors and I saw one that said “Explosive Jalapeno.”  I thought about how ridiculous it looked and what it might actually taste like.  And something in my head told me it would sound really good with a deep, movie announcer voice.  So I said it out loud and started laughing.  Then I looked up to see a girl stop in her tracks, look at me, and then turn around and walk away.  Sorry lady, I’m a freak that’s easily excited by Pringles…

Yesterday, I deleted all of the girls out of my phone that I went on one date with.  Thanks for the night, ladies, and sorry for weirding you out.

That statement sounded a lot more impressive/a-holey than it really is.  It’s just two numbers…

Lately, I’ve realized how great it is to have good friends.  Hanging out with someone doesn’t require anything except for your attention and physical presence.  And so much can happen in that time.  The saying “You don’t really know what you have until it’s gone” is true, but it’s much better when you realize what you have when it’s going on.  When you realize what you have when you’re not in it, you begin to regret that you haven’t taken advantage of it.  But when you realize it when you’re spending time with those people, it’s an enhancer.  There’s nothing like a car full of hungover dudes giggling at a dumb joke.  The immaterial and intangible make life what it is: a lasting memory of a moment that defines a time.

Life is what you make it, but it’s moments that make it worth it.  Tonight, everyone gets a hug 🙂

Thanks for reading.

– The Jalepeno Movie


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