Responsibility to Hyenas

“Too Wrong” and “Too Long” sound the same when you say it with an Asian accent…

Commercials are such a stupid necessity.  Without it, we couldn’t watch a lot of shows.  They are the ones who are paying for it.  I just wish some of them weren’t so crappy.  Burger King has tried this new weird breakfast campaign where they have some some dudes marching down the street and a hippy playing a flute.  In one of them, a guy jumps out of a window.  If you look at the bottom of the screen, you’ll see “Do Not Attempt.”  How stupid is it that commercials need that now.  Same with telephone numbers on movies.  555-1234.  Stupid…but necessary.

I was reading an article about how smart some animals really are.  Apparently, there was this study done on how hyenas will work together to get food.  They had to pull these two ropes and food would come out.  The hyenas figured it out in 2 minutes…

But not everything is smart; like cockroaches.  One researcher wrote, “I don’t know that you need to ascribe anything more to the behavior of a cockroach than a set of local reflexes that make it run away from bad things and towards good things.”  Seems like an easy life, but I’d rather be able to make my own decisions.

You know when you’re getting older when the people in you know are creating new life and losing others.  Parents and other loved ones are passing away, and friends are starting to have kids.  I have no idea when it happened, but somehow I became an adult.  And the responsibility that goes along with the title is thrust upon you whether you are ready for it or not.  You have to pay bills and deal with relationships at a level that’s you have never had to deal with before.  The only thing that makes that a little easier is support from friends and family.  They are the lubricant into the rough adult world.  And I mean that in the most innuendo-ey way ever.

Responsibility kinda sucks.  Mainly because it brings a lot of stress and problems.  But I’ve learned slowly that those problems can be good.  Every challenge is an opportunity to succeed and you won’t fully know the meaning of that phrase until you embrace it.  If you don’t get upset about things that go wrong, then you’re more equipped to overcome it.

Thanks for reading.

– The Long Cockroach


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