Ending Declarative Sentences With Question Marks

Partying with a bunch of 20-year-olds is like year old Halloween candy.  It might look good, but you know you should probably just stay away.

For some reason, I’ve been finding myself at parties where I’m the oldest guy there.  I’m technically 3 years over the legal age, and I’m the oldest?  These little babies.  I just went to a party and you can see the youth and hormones almost as much as you can see belly button rings (it was a Jungle themed party, so there were a lot of feminine Tarzans and Rambos with cut off everything).  Some kid came up and asked me how much he could pay me for some vodka.  How about 2 years, you little dweeb…

I realized there’s a big difference between dweebs, dorks, nerds, geeks, etc.  You can be a nerd, but you don’t always have to be a dork.  Although most nerds are had a little dork in them.  You can be a dork and definitely not a nerd.  I view a nerd as someone who knows a lot about one subject and is either ashamed or excited.  A dork is just a goofball.  You don’t have to be smart to be a dork.

Everyone has a little bit of both.  And if you’re too cool to admit you’re neither, I suggest you join the rest of the dorky/nerdy world and either find something that interests you, or get real with yourself.  Someone out there thinks you’re nerdy or dorky.  And to be honest, everyone likes nerds and dorks because they’re either fun to be around or interesting.

I have nothing personally invested in my own opinions…I’m just inviting you to join me on the bandwagon of my own uncertainty…

If there is something I always preach, it’s relationships and love: two things I think go hand-in-hand.  And I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching to try and understand why I do both and who I do it with (that’s what she said…)

The one thing I have learned is to value myself as an individual.  If you have a lot going on, then it’s important to know that.  Not that you should strut around like no one is good enough for you, but just be aware that you have a lot to offer as a person.  The difference between confidence and cockiness is action and ability.  If you talk a big game, but don’t have one, then you’re cocky.  If you always promote yourself, then you’re cocky.  But if you know you can defend yourself and know you can do something well, then you’re confident.

You usually don’t realize you’re settling in a relationship until you’re already in it.  Not a lot of people will still jump into a relationship if they think they are settling right off the bat.  And if you do jump into to one with those warning signs, then for goodness sakes, please look before you leap, geez.  But most people realize that they have settled once they’re already in something.  The sad thing about settling is that, at one time, you thought that what you were getting is all you deserved.  Once you realized you deserve more, that’s when it’s time to work on sticking around or work on getting out.

This year, I feel like I’ve learned so much about being confident.  Caesar Milan (my new role model) always preaches Calm and Assertive.  I recently watched this video which I suggest all you 8 of you to watch as well.  It’ll make you re-examine your speech pattern and confidence.

It’s important to “say what you believe in a manner that bespeaks the determination with which you believe it.”  Be confident, you little dweebs.

Thanks for reading.

– The Halloween Candy Settler


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