Supa Bowwwlllinnnnn With A Sharpie Mustache

Does it only happen to me, or does anyone’s nose always seem to conveniently get itchy right after they touch something gross?  You always have to make a quick decision about whether or not you want to touch your face with your dirty fingers.  Or have you ever been eating something and then pet a dog?  Or the opposite? Food vs. Germs: the ultimate battle of hygiene and hunger…

If you’ve been a fairly frequent follower, you’ll know I love catch phrases and little sayings.  I love the greeting “What’s the word.”  It’s just a way of saying “hi” but in the form of a rhetorical question.  I don’t think anyone is expecting you to give them an actual word.  It’s like saying “What’s good?” or “What’s goin on?”  But whenever someone asks me one of those things, I always feel obligated to answer.  So they’ll ask me and I’ll say…

“Uh…the word is good.”

Sometimes I wonder how I passed Communication classes…

I had a revelation about pouring water sometime last week.  I realized it’s more convenient when a glass is 3/4 full than when it’s 4/4ths haha.  For some reason, when I have a full glass, it’s a mission to finish it.  When there’s some space in between the top of the glass and the liquid level, I drink it slower and honestly, appreciate it a little more because there’s less.

I know it’s weird to be appreciative of liquid levels, but I was actually talking to a friend where this concept was somewhat applicable.  We were talking about giving.  To me, everyone has a glass of give, and we pour a little into each other all the time.  But we can only continue giving if we have received.  Otherwise, all your give runs out and you’re sitting there with an empty cup wondering why you gave it all away.

Sometimes we give one person wayyyy more than they should be getting to the point where their cup might be to the brim and yours is nearing empty.  And you keep giving because they give back juuust enough.

What’s sad is that someone will help fill our glass, and we’ll give what we just received to that “special” someone who is already getting way too much from us.  Love is a feeling shown through action, and if giving is a sign of sacrifice, then sacrifice is love.  If someone won’t sacrifice some of their give, then it’s time to cut them off of that well.  Cause when that well goes dry, it takes a lot before you’re able to start pouring back out to others.

I hope that wasn’t to metaphor-y for anyone.  I struggled through it and those were my thoughts.  Sometimes I wonder how I passed Communication classes…

Basically it’s important to surround yourself with people who are willing to give back.  The super bowl party I went to wasn’t big, and a couple years I would have wanted it to be.  I used to wished the people I knew had a TON of friends so we could have giant parties and meet new people, but it never worked out that way.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told it was going to be a “pretty big” people and there were like 10 people there.  And now, I’m glad I see the same people over and over again because those are the ones I give to the most.  Super bowl wasn’t about the game, the winner, or even the commercials; it was about the food and the friends.  The company and the cocktails.  The Lays and the laughs.  Alright, that’s enough of that.

You know you have really close friends when they draw sharpie mustaches and unibrows on you when you pass out, take pictures and video, but then feel bad because they don’t want you to look like a total idiot the next day and wipe it off before you wake up.  Those turdheads are the ones you gotta keep around, because they’re the ones that are happy to pour into your cup.

Next Sunday, make sure you’re not just with the people you love, but with those who love you in return (Feb 14, knucleheads)

Thanks for reading, you little pints.

– The Sharpie Saint


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