Talking Out My G-String

I have a spam email entitled “Used G-string for sale”. My curiosity is almost stronger than the fear of an impending virus. Almost…

I haven’t written for a long time.  And that’s a combination of laziness, eye soreness, and lack of motivation.  The lack of motivation might have something to do with the laziness or vice versa.  Either way, I didn’t write.  And now, I have a ton of things stored up.  The eye soreness is caused from looking at a screen for close to 12 hours a day.

And it’s basically all crap.

Every now and then I have something that pops into my head that seems very profound. And then it’s accompanied by something like…

Expiration dates are like speed limits: they’re just suggestions.

And that’s how you end up with food poisoning or a speeding ticket.  And if you have both, you should never take any advice from me.  General point of advice; take my advice with a grain of salt.

If I’m giving advice about my advice, wouldn’t that mean the exact opposite?

Anyways, there are a few little nuggets though.  I’ve been dealing with a lot of demons; both personal and…I guess…impersonal?  I mean within myself as well as relationships.  And because of that, I’ve been doing a lot of talking, which is semi-abnormal for me.  For as long as I was remember, I didn’t share anything personal.  But I get a lot of out listening to everyone else.  For some reason it’s comforting to me to listen to someone tell me about themselves. That’s why 90% of my friends know nothing about who I really am haha.  But I realized you need to do both in order to help both you or whoever you’re listening/talking to.  And that’s when I realized listening isn’t about the advice that you offer; it’s about the time that you give.  The time is more therapeutic than whatever suggestion you could possibly give as long as you give it with good intentions.  And honestly, if you ask the right questions, people generally figure out what they’re going to do regardless of what you say.  People are more likely to convince themselves of something than you are.  When you tell someone what they should do, that doesn’t really help them.  It’s very self-serving, especially if they don’t ask what they should do or when you don’t fully listen to everything they have to say.  So I’ll let the person talk until it almost gets awkwardly silent, then just ask another question.  Plus, when people talk more, it calms them down.

Most of this stuff probably shouldn’t be taken seriously.  It just works for me.

Thanks for reading.  More to come I promise.

– The G-string Speeder


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