The Gift of Hacking

I think people who hack social media accounts should be more creative. If you’re sneaky enough to log into someone’s profile, you should at least do everyone a favor and post something other than “I’m gay” or “I’m in love with [hackers name].” You should post something a little more believable like, “Next time you use a public bathroom, be sure to check if there’s enough toilet paper to finish what you started or else you’ll have to sit through an hour meeting with an itchy butt.”

One day, I’m going to post that on my own account and just blame someone in the comments section. Then, no one will know if I was hacked or just being gross…

I don’t know how to segue that but I’ll use this sentence as a transition.

This blog constantly references luck, love, and sacrifice. They are common subjects because I feel strongly about all three. I think the greatest thing about the latter two is that they often go hand in hand when they are come from a genuine place. We don’t sacrifice because we have to; we sacrifice because we want to. We go out of our way for people that we think deserve it. It’s almost strange when we experience this on a continual basis. But it’s a feeling that we should never take for granted or expect. The minute we start to expect it or ask for it on a regular basis is the minute that it becomes less meaningful. It no longer becomes a gift, but a request. And sometimes, the greatest sacrifices are the ones that we are never aware of. These gifts make our lives easier and we may not even notice it. And when we do notice it, it fills us with the desire to reciprocate.

I may not have realized it at the time, but when I was growing up, my family did things like this for me all of the time. It’s only now that I can look back and see the things that they did to make my life easier and more special. Even now, they continue to do it. A couple of months ago, I moved back home to be closer to work, and my mom saw that work was taking a toll on me. One day, she asked if there was anything that she could do to help. Knowing that my mom couldn’t do my work for me, I told her “no,” but then she asked what would make it better. I laughed and said, “A Slim Jim and a beer.” The next day, she came home from work and next to my bed was a Slim Jim with with a post-it note that said “Six pack in the fridge.”

Years of these types of gifts has produced the desire to reciprocate to everyone that I think deserves it. And the reason it comes so easy is because of the all of the gifts I have received from family, friends, acquaintences and strangers.

Thanks for reading. Keep giving to those who don’t need it.

– The Itchy Butt Giver



  1. I am totally hacking and posting the itchy butt comment on your FB one day.

  2. these always make me smile, thanks for being in my head to write the feelings I never do 🙂

    • If I’m in your head, we got some serious problems.

      Thanks, Ms. Carter

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