Vegas: A Multiple Part Series

There has a to be a direct correlation between girls who call themselves “divas” and sweats that have words across the butt.  Wikipedia says a diva is “a celebrated female singer.”  If you call yourself, a diva, you probably aren’t.  You can’t give yourself a nickname.  It’s something other people give you.  Sorry, Kobe.

I went to Vegas this weekend.  It was awesome haha.  A concierge told a drunk girl she was pretty.  Telling a drunk girl she’s pretty is a great way to get her to stop being loud.

This weekend, one of the guys I was with put a banana in another guy’s shoe.  Needless to say, the banana shoe guy was furious.  But yelling out “Dude, who the f**k put a smooshed banana in my shoe!?”  is just too much.  You want to be serious cause it’s pretty messed up…but how can you not laugh at that?

I’m getting tired of seeing Luke Wilson on TV.  AT&T is making me hate him.  Take it easy, guys, geez…

At the risk of sounding racist, I don’t think Tyler Perry movies are very good.  I feel like he plays into the stereotype too much.  Does every story have to be about a suppressed black women in a terrible situation and her ability to overcome it?  It’d be like making an Asian movie about some guy that couldn’t drive and was super short but really good at math who overcomes his insecurities.

Hey, all my points aren’t winners, ok.  It’s a game of percentages; one/most of them are bound to be crappy.  I just don’t understand why he makes so many movies that are the same and he has to dress up as an old black woman to get his point across.

Is it just me, or is every male rapper talk about getting drunk and trying to get with a bunch of girls.  And every female rock singer talk about how they got hurt by a dude.  It’s like the rap guys are getting with these rock chicks and we’re hearing about it via the radio.

I’ve heard the saying “every time a door closes, a new one opens.”  Sometimes dead ends or endings don’t open new doors: they just open windows that shine a light into the room you’ve been in.  It’s up to you to open that door and step out of the room.

Just make sure it’s not into a banana shoe.

Thanks for reading.

– “THE Vega$ man”


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