Visions in Vegas

The WHAT and the WHEN had begun to begin
Boarding a boring, plain plane.

WHO, WHICH, and their WHERE, confused how they’re there,
Had a hunch that the WHY could explain.

This past weekend, I went to Vegas with a group of guys and noticed three things that made me think a lot about my life.

Dancing Girls
The first one was the girls that dance on top of tables while you’re gambling. I honestly have no idea how they do it. It’s like 30 minutes of straight dancing all by yourself. You’re just in your own little world dancing to like Lil Jon and Ariana Grande’s peanut butter mouth, then you have to get down and deal cards to a bunch of drunk idiots. That’s their job. I should never complain about my work again. I don’t have to awkwardly dance by myself in my underwear and then tell someone they their 5 cards equal 17 and I don’t have to hit a soft 18.

Strip Club, Bro
I don’t know when it happened, but the strip has been flooded with a bunch of dudes trying to get me to go to a strip club. You can not walk 10 feet without someone asking you if you want to go to a strip club. There are some guys wearing signs and just quietly muttering “Strip club? Strip club?” There was a guy who basically acted like he was “the guy” to talk to and said he could “hook us up.”

Then there are guys who straight up said “GUYS! Let’s. Get. Titties. Right. Now.” I wrote it like that because he was clapping with every word, and I felt like that was a more accurate depiction of his sales pitch. “It’s international motorboat day and you guys gotta celebrate.” No. I don’t want to do that. You take your Steve-Harvey-lookin-ass suit and your sunglasses and get out of here.

I’m sure those guys probably aren’t salaried employees, but if you think about it, there wouldn’t be snake oil salesmen if there wasn’t a buyer…

There is something about spending a large amount of time with a group of good people that creates a feeling which is very difficult to articulate. It’s not like hanging out with family, because you can’t say or do certain things around family. And the definition of a “good” friend is extremely subjective but I think the most that you can hope for is someone who understands you, will support you, and will do their best to make sure you’re happy and developing into a good person. Guys may not always say what they feel, but if it’s real, you’ll see it in their actions. And that’s way better than anything you can say.

Thanks for reading.

– Steve Harvey Questions


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