Hallowhoa…What The Hell Are You Wearing?

Halloween has come and passed, and now we’re in the last 2 months of 2011.  It’s weird to think that it’s already over.  I feel like there was a lot of things that happened, but they all happened so fast.

Halloween should either be called “It’s ok to dress like a slut” day, or “Wtf are you” day.  Sometimes they are one in the same.  On Wednesday, I went out to a bar and could have sworn I saw a girl in a bra and some weird bootie shorts, but she was wearing a cowboy boots.  It was a Country bar, so I guess that makes it ok…

she devil sexy ketchup

Girls can make anything slutty on Halloween.  Queen of the dead,  inanimate objects, you name it.  Girls can literally wear lingerie, throw some fake ears on, and call themselves a bunny.  You know what people would say if a guy did that?  “Really pulled the rabbit outta your ass, huh Dave…”
tuxedo man with bunny ears

Whatever, girls should have the right to be flaunt their assets on “National Hoochie Day” and then call guys assholes for making comments and staring at them.  Women’s rights have come too far in this country for them to be paraded around as sexual objects and only desired because of their physical features.  Show the slutty ketchup bottle some respect.

I realized I can’t pronounce the word “asked” correctly.  I have a real issue with the proximity of the “K” and the “D”.  Instead, I usually say something like, “Yea, I asted her yesterday, but she didn’t answer.”  Take 2 seconds and think about how you pronounce that word.  If it’s just me, then I guess I should change that.

People have trouble with words like “asked” all the time.  But some people say “Libary” or “Attemp” and that is just unacceptable.

If I had a cat, I’d name it “Whispers” just to mess with people.
“O that’s a cute cat, what’s it’s name?”
“No, Whispers.  Why the hell would I name my cat ‘Whiskers?'”

Recently, I told a girl, “Math is like underwear: nobody likes it, but everyone uses it out of necessity.”  I didn’t hear back from her…

If I could ball up all the blown opportunities, missed chances and second guesses in my life, I’d have…a very large ball?  But maybe the things that should have been were never meant to be.  “Wishful thinking” is only a meaningful phrase because of the “Wish”, not the “Think.”  If those instances were a reality, then it would be “Actually Doing,” and that “remember the time” would be a memory not a regret.  But I guess you can’t regret what never happened or miss what you never had.

Wow, this post spiraled out of hand real quick.  Must be these bunny ears.

Thanks for reading.  Happier things to come.

– Whispers The Cat


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