You Are Not Special

I went to a college graduation last weekend.  There was an incredible amount of people supporting a great accomplishment for one of their loved ones.  But then I listened to the Valedictorian give a speech.  What does a 21-year-old know about taking huge risks, standing your ground so you never compromise, and following your dreams?  I can guarantee half of those people will never reach any kind of dream they once had.  It feels warm and fuzzy, but the real world is harsh and unkind.  The most important thing to do is keep going.  To keep learning and improving.  Her speech was basically a huge compilation of inspirational posters she read on Pinterest.

One of the greatest commencement speeches I’ve ever listened to was given by an English teacher at a High School, and his major selling point: you’re not special.  Take 12:45 minutes out of your day, and be sure you take away the real meaning of his speech.

Carpe the heck out of the Diem.

Thanks for reading.

– The Mountain Hiker


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