Balding Birthday Buckets

I think I have a fear that I’ll be balding and won’t have the common sense to just chop my hair off. Everyone in my family has a pretty thick ass set of hair, so I think I’m good, but it still worries me a little. About a year ago, my mom said she thought my forehead was getting bigger. Pretty sure my forehead has been the same size since I was like 12, but thanks for that…

I saw a guy today whose hair shape looked like a puzzle peice. When the fairway is getting smaller and it looks like the sandtraps are getting bigger, it might be time to re-landscape the course.

I haven’t written in 3 weeks and I feel like a lot has happened during that time. My grandma turned 90 earlier this month. I’ve written about her a lot, and I am beyond blessed to have her in my life. She helped shape me into the person that I am today, and I’m lucky to be able to celebrate the milestone with her. She’s still exercises, drives, loves sports, shops, and is extremely sharp, and that’s more than anyone could ask of a 90-year-old. We had a party for her at my aunt’s house, and we invited her church group to spend the day with her. It’s truly incredible when a person who hates getting attention receives material expressions of love by people who can’t help but give a fraction of what they feel they have immaterially received. When the humility and tears of “you didn’t have to do that” is met with the uncontrollable emotion of “there’s no way I couldn’t,” everyone is a winner.

I was home last weekend, and she left me a bag of old towels with a post-it note that said, “Kev – these are old rags you can use when you wash your car.” I told her that I usually don’t use rags, and she responded by saying, “That was a hint, kid.” Then she made me stay at home for 10 extra minutes so the rice that she made me for my to-go dinner could cool.

I had a couple of long talks last weekend with some close friends about how love is a choice. When I was younger, I thought that was ridiculous. How can an emotion be a choice? However, I learned that, although we can’t help who we fall in love with, we can choose whether or not we put ourselves in situations where love is the cornerstone emotion. Determining whether that relationship is healthy or not is usually something that’s learned through trial and error, but it seems like the more love you have to give, the more healthy relationships you build. An overwhelming amount of love has to go somewhere, and if some buckets are already filled, then you have to find another bucket to fill. I’m starting to realize that the buckets I’m filling were good investments.

These were both themes I’ve already talked about, but worth repeating.

Thanks for reading.

– The Old Rag


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