Bumper Stickers and Politics

New month a new post I guess.  It’s been a while, and although I’ve been busy with school, I can’t say that I  didn’t have time to write.  I just didn’t make time for it.  But now that there’s a little lull, and I took a semi-day off yesterday, I guess I can do some “personal work.”

The Election is coming up in a few days, and to be honest with anyone who is reading this, I’m not voting.  I’m not registered, not because I forgot or didn’t have time, but simply because, I didn’t want to.  And at the risk of sounding “unpatriotic,” I really don’t care.  Politics are not interesting to me.  And I trust that the general public will make a smart enough decision on my behalf.  I’d rather have people who were educated about the subject make a decision instead of me go up there and press a few buttons of who I may have “heard” was going to make a good president.  I haven’t done any research because it’s not interesting to me.  And if my vote really “matters” that much, then I’d rather not waste for someone I know nothing about.  I’m fully aware of what it would mean if everyone thought the same way I did.  But not everyone does.  People want to vote.  People want to become educated about make cast their vote on who they think should be leading this country.  I have a lot of respect for people who read through the propositions and really research what each candidate thinks about different issues.  But I think there are a lot of uneducated voters who will be casting votes for things they think they understand, but don’t.  And which one is worse: the person who doesn’t vote, or the uneducated voter?  In my opinion, it’s worse that there are people voting “yes” and “no” or “red” and “blue” on things they don’t fully understand.  Everyone who votes should be required to take a test about the issues and if they fail, they shouldn’t be allowed to vote.  Haha.  Not like that’s expensive and time consuming or anything…  But it just seems like that would be a better way to really gauge who educated voters are voting for.  I don’t want “Joe the Plumber” voting for someone just because he got a shout-out from them.  I don’t want someone voting against an issue just because of their “party’s” beliefs.  Parties are so ridiculous anyways.  I feel like most of the people that I’ve talked to about their affiliation have said that they agree with most of the stuff, but not all of it.  I don’t know if I’m more of a Democrat or a Republican.  And really, I don’t care that much to find out.  It’s not interesting to me, so I’m not going to guess and say that I’m with a certain group.

I don’t really understand bumper stickers.  Why do people put them on their cars?  Especially political ones.  Like Obama = Osama or something weird like that.  Those are the kind of people I don’t want voting.  Hahaha.  And unless you know how to remove bumper stickers well, won’t those things will always be on there?  I guess I don’t see many Bush ’04 stickers still out there.  There must be some kind of secret that I’m sure Google knows.

Ok, apparently a hair dryer can take it off.  And some auto adhesive cleaner.  Regardless, too much work for a sticker that no one cares about.  When I see those stickers, I feel nothing.  It doesn’t encourage me to vote for a certain candidate.  And I’m not sure if it encourages anyone to do it.  I just don’t get the purpose of putting it up  there.  Just to let people know who you’re voting for?  I don’t care who Joe the Plumber votes for and I’m sure he won’t change his mind when he sees my bumper sticker that says like “McCain = Pain” or something stupid like that.  Bumper stickers in general.  I don’t really understand.  “My son was an honor student at Oak Elementary.”  I don’t care.  No one cares.  Maybe you, some of your family, and your son.  But the general public doesn’t care that your son is an honor student.  Same with religious bumper stickers.  I don’t understand them.  Are people trying to convince you to do it, or are they just showing the world that’s what they believe?  I saw a huge decal on the back of a huge truck that said, “Real men love Jesus”  Don’t get it.  I really don’t.  If someone has bumper stickers on their car and has some insight for me, please, by all means, share your thoughts and opinions.  I saw this sticker on the back of some small civic that had all these satanic symbols on it.  I just thought it was very unique, because I think the general public will usually accept stickers displaying Christianity, but I feel like it’s more offensive to see Satanic stickers.  Just makes me wonder what kind of individual is in that car.  Same with the people who have the little guy praying in front of the cross.  How religious is that person?  And what about the pictures of the little boy peeing on something?  I wonder what he’s like.  Probably a weirdo.  HAHA

Bumper stickers and politics.  They go hand in hand for me.  I don’t understand or care for either.  I think it’s  even worse that people get mad at me not wanting to be involved.  That’s just more motivation to not vote.  Don’t force me to vote.  It’s a choice that I have.  And I’m fully aware that many people don’t have the right to vote for who they want for president.  And honestly, if I could give my vote to a more educated person who wasn’t legally able to, I would in a heart beat.  Just as long as I know he didn’t have bumper stickers on the back of their car.  Ha

Thanks for reading, all you voters and bumper-sticker-users.

– The Unpatriotic Honor Student


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