Coming Soon to a Doorbell Near You

Here comes Autumn, I feel her breeze
Blowing through the bending trees.
Summer’s shown its shining rays
But now we prep for cooler days

So goodbye blues and hello grays
And welcome fun filled holidays
Get out your PJs and long sleeves
Cause here comes Autumn’s cooling breeze.

It’s time to get chilly.  All the really fun holidays are coming up.  Halloween is next weekend.  Halloween is kind of a funny holiday.  It’s supposed to be the night of the dead and super scary.  But instead, kids dress up and knock on doors for candy.  And old people people just dress up and get really drunk.  It’s basically an excuse to give all girls a night to dress up like lil hoochies.  And guys love it.  The only thing that’s scary is when people who should not be wearing tight things wear something that’s not only tight, but too tight.  That’s super scary.

One of the great things about Halloween though is watching scary movies.  Even if you don’t really like scary movies it’s just fun to watch with friends, or even better, girls haha.  Girls scream and jump and honestly, it makes a guy feel like they’re macho and can protect them, even if they themselves are scared.  Unless they are jumping more than the girls.  Then it’s just a room full of pansies.

And scary movies are funny.  It’s just a movie, but people get so freaked out.  It’s not real.  It’s fake.  But people get sucked into movies and think that stuff can really happen.  Like drama-dies.  Or Drama-dees (spelling may be different than pronunciation).  Those are fake, but people get sucked into them and think it can actually happen.  That stuff doesn’t happen.  Most guys aren’t that romantic, funny, or good looking (ie Ryan Reynolds).  They are given parts and scripts.  They are cast and then directed.  But they are ultimately…not real.  Edward from Twilight is not real.  And he’s a creep.  No one would like him as a regular person.  He’s obsessive and super clingy and he’s a weirdo.  And he shines like a lizard or a fish when he’s in the sunlight.  Did you ever think what would happen if things didn’t work out?  He’s a moody psycho.  He has stalker written all over him.  Long-term, ladies.  Think long-term.

Anyways, Fall-idays (clever) are pretty fun.  You got Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years.  Just a bunch of fun days hopefully spent with fun people and family.  And there’s the food.  O man.  Can’t wait.  But one Falliday at a time…

Have you ever been in a bind and needed someone?  A lot of times, that someone comes in a different shape than you might think.  You might be expecting one person to be there, and someone else is there to for you.  That’s when you realize that the friends you have are the people you need in your life.  And that’s when you realize that no matter what happens, there are people who will be there.  They are the ones that turn bad situations you wish had never happened into situations you are glad weren’t worse.  And this weekend, I realized that.

Thank you friends.  Enjoy your Fallidays.

-The thankful poet


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