Commercial Love

What is this?

Seriously…does this make ANYONE want to go out and buy more chicken nuggets?  It would be ok if it were a joke, but I am seriously having a hard time believing that this was a gag.  If I were R&B, I’d be offended that someone was using me to seriously sell fast food…

Commercials are getting so weird now.  Like anything Gieco is typically terrible.  The commercials I really enjoy watching though are the ones that follow Jeopardy.  I’m not sure if anyone else cares or pays attention, but you can tell what type of demographic a show draws based on their commercials.
Sporting events – guy related commercials
Cartoons – kid commercials
CW – Weird, terrible commercials

That brings me to Jeopardy.  Every time I’ve watched the end of Jeopardy, the three main sponsors I always see are Goldbond, Aspercreme, and Bayer Aspirin.  It’s nice to know I’m watching a show with a whole bunch of old people in pain…

Time to address Valentine’s Day.  Ryan Seacrest called it “National Single’s Day.”  Wtf, Seacrest.  Get outta here, you dummy.  If you want to find someone, stop doing so many things with your life.  You can’t work 80 hour weeks and expect to find someone that’s ok with that in the process.  Stop complaining about how lonely you are fix your priorities, geek squad.

I don’t understand why so many people are so bitter towards Valentine’s Day.  It’s not just a day about couples, even though couples are typically the ones who take advantage of it.  It’s a day of love meant for everyone.  Why would you not take advantage and celebrate accordingly by showing the people closest to you how much they mean?  You don’t have to have a significant other to celebrate; you just have to have people in your life that you love and love you back.  I can understand if you were bitter if you had neither, but I would think that was your doing rather than others around you.  No one should be bitter about love.  Everyone has experienced it in some degree, whether its through a friend, family member, or a significant other.

Everyone has the capacity to love.  Everyone wants to love and to be loved.  And to shut that out on the day that celebrates that feeling and emotion is a contradiction to what I think love stands for.  Do you get bitter about Christmas when you spend time with family and loved ones?  Do people get mad when it’s a friend’s birthday?  Valentine’s Day is just another holiday that celebrates that four little word, only it’s a holiday dedicated to it.

I hope everyone showed love to those that love them.  Although we should show love to everyone, it’s the ones that love us back that deserve the most.  I sincerely hope everyone acted upon what they had rather than what they didn’t.

P.S.  Watch the movie Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.  You won’t be disappointed.  It came highly recommended from a highly recommended little monster…

Thanks for reading, Valentines

– The Aspercremed Cupid


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