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There’s been a lot of talk about Brett Favre in these past couple months, and I am absolutely sick of it.  Sorry Brett, but you shouldn’t have said you were done, then decided you wanted to come back, but the day before you announce your comeback, you back out, and then want back in again.  Come on, man.  I understand it’s your choice, but you can’t handle it that way and expect everything to come out perfectly fine.

If you don’t follow sports, or ever watch SportsCenter, let me give you a head’s up.  First of all, you must not be a 10-65-year-old male with access to cable.  This guy has been all over the sports scene, taking up nearly half of ESPN’s time (by the way, I make up all my own stats, so if any of them seem wrong, they most likely are).  Anyways, Brett Favre had a wonderful 2007 season, and many people said it might have been his best season ever.  He almost made it to the Super Bowl, but ran into the NY Giants, who somehow won it all, beating, arguably, one of the best football teams of all time, the 2007-2008 New England Patriots.  If you weren’t one of the <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>141 million individuals</span> (real stat) watching their tvs that day, you missed one of the most butt-clenching, emotional-roller-coaster-riding 59 seconds in football history (not real stat, but solid observation).  But that’s not important…

What is important is what an amazing season Brett Favre had.  And the Green Bay Packers were disappointed, but Brett gave them something to look forward to for this upcoming season.  And then what happened?  He held a press conference, and through a quivering voice and tears, he announced that he would be retiring from Professional Football.  He acknowledge everyone and everything they had done for him during his career, and then he said goodbye.  Sad day to be a Packer Fan.

And then he said he was coming back.  And the powers that be talked to Mr. Favre and told him they would hold a press conference announcing his return.  But at the last second, the great green #4 (that’s Brett Favre’s number for all of you non 10-65-year-old-males) backed out and decided he wanted to stay retired.  So the Green Bay Packers organization did what it had to do: announce they would retire Brett’s number on the first game of the 2008-2009 season and move on.  They announced their new quarterback and planned to focus on getting to where they were last season and getting past that point.  But here comes Brett again….

He says he wants back, and then begins the media-mess that is Favre vs. Green Bay.  Green Bay says they don’t want him, and they’ve moved on.  Favre says he’s willing to come back and try-out for the starting QB spot.  Then Favre wants to be traded.  Then Green Bay says they are willing to trade him.  Then Green Bay offers to PAY him to stay retired (hows $20 Mil sound?), but ultimately, the big guys upstairs say he can play football again, but then gets traded to the NY Jets.  Not to be confused with the NY Giants.  No, no.  Not the same team at all.  Now EA Sports is scrambling around trying to see if it’s possible to put Brett Favre in a Jets uniform so they can launch their most popular video game in history (borderline made-up fact), the MADDEN football game series.  Some of you may recognize the cover.  It might look something like this, only he’ll be sporting a different green, on a different team.

This brings me 317 degrees to my point.  That’s like almost 360, but I missed a lot of info, adding in random, made-up facts and stats to get to what I’m almost ready to talk about…

When is it time to let things go?  When do we give up what we love?  Brett initially said in his press conference (the one he actually went through with), that he knew he was physically able to go back and play another season, but his heart wasn’t in it any more.  He made that decision fully aware of what it meant.  He said it came down to a point where Green Bay needed to know if he was committed to playing another season, and he didn’t know if he was or not, and instead of saying, “yea, let’s go through with this even though I’m not totally sure,” he said,

“I’m done-zo.  Adios NFL and Packers Fans and their Hopes.  It was fun.

-With regretful sincerity,

Mr. Favre”

Ok, maybe that’s a dramatic summary of what he said, but that’s kinda what it was like.  I think he might have muttered that to someone.  I think I overheard it somewhere on some website one time.  And this was a website that spoke, that’s why I heard it…

This is me, digging a hole and burying my credibility…

This random picture I googled reminds me of myself digging holes in my backyard in hopes that I’d dig to China.  I gave that up when my mom said it was time for dinner.  Did I ever say I was not going to go back to that hole, thinking I wasn’t going to dig anymore, but then after a little while, wanted to dig again?  Of course.  Problem is, I wasn’t 38, going on 39 in 2 months, and getting paid to play professional football.  I was 5 and then stopped digging when I realized that there’s cement underneath the sand.

Besides, who wants to go to China?  O, that’s right… Back to my favorite word.

Anyways, when do we say enough is enough?  When do we give up the things we love because we just don’t think we can do it any more?  Maybe it’s physically; maybe it’s mentally or emotionally.  Everyone gets older, and out of shape, and not always in the physical sense.  I stopped believing that I could dig to China.  One reason was because I learned you couldn’t technically do that.  Another reason was that I just lost interest.  If I tried to dig a hole now, I’d probably have to stop after 5 minutes, because physically I’m out of shape.  But I’m not sure if I have the mental capacity and vivid imagination to keep digging so eagerly thinking I’m going to meet some random Chinese guy in the middle of the earth who is actually trying to dig to America.  I know a lot of little American boys have the dream they can dig to China, but I wonder if a bunch of little Asian boys have the dream to dig to America.  I think that’s a scientific study I should probably look into.  I’ll survey a bunch of little kids and get their opinions, and have some made-up, useless results for you sometime soon.

If you’ve made it this far, you must either be as crazy as I am or bored.  I’ll try to get the other to the other 48 degrees here in a minute (that’s a reference to the remark I made earlier just in case I lost some of you there).

Everyone has things and experiences in their past that they have gotten over and moved on from.  I used to have a security blanket for a long, long time, and one night, I finally realized that I needed to get over it.  One, it wasn’t cool.  It could have ruined my street cred, and that’s the last thing I wanted. Two, I realized that I couldn’t rely on this piece of cloth to make me feel safe any more.  There are experiences and relationships we’ve all gone through, and had to move on from.  I think you have to look inside yourself and decide if that’s something you want to hold on to, or get over and move forward.  Like a girl that doesn’t know you exist?  Maybe it’s time to move on.  Stuck in a job that’s not going anywhere?  Take a look at where you’re at, decide if you’re happy or not, and move forward accordingly.  Sometimes, moving forward is a decision that we don’t want, but we need.  And making that decision is usually never comfortable.  If it was easy, then it wasn’t important in the first place.  Life experiences we move forward without any pain are probably things that we won’t remember.  We remember painful things for a reason.  It’s because we deemed them important.

I’m not saying that everyone should move forward from things if they are not ready.  As much as I reprimand Brett Favre for his actions, he did what he thought was best.  He had to make his decision on a deadline, and those are usually the worst to make.  You’re not given the time you need to think about a decision, and sometimes you have to make decisions when you’re not totally sure if it’s the right thing to do.  Big decisions always come with big hesitations and second-guesses.  You just have to be sure you made the right decision.  I hope Brett knows what he’s doing by saying he’s coming back.  Because he’s going to have to live with that decision.  And I’m sure he’s made well aware of that fact.

If it’s good for you, keep it up.  If it’s not, move forward when you’re ready.

“Adios readers and your minds.  It was fun.”

Love always,

Me and my credibility…

By the way, the polls of Asian kids digging to America came in.

22%     Said they’ve tried to dig to America
17%     Said they never thought about it
51%     Didn’t speak English
9%       Ran away
1%       Wasn’t Asian



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