Going Commando

And here we are…

2010.  Start of a new decade.  The old one was cool…parts of it.  But overall, I think I came out of it a better person.  And I think that’s all that really matters.

Somewhere last decade, I realized it’s not about where you are or what you’re doing; it’s about who you’re with.  The holidays came and went and for the first time I was truly grateful not for the gifts that I got…heck, not even that I was able to receive gifts…but the company I was around.  I was thankful for friends and family.  I love my new comforter.  But I love the person who gave me that comforter more than I could ever love that thing itself (thanks momma).

That’s why I’ll always invest more love in people than in anything I’ll ever receive from them.

To be honest, I think money can buy you happiness.  People are genuinely pretty happy when they get money or gifts.  No one is ever really bummed out when they are told they’re getting a raise or a present.  But money can’t buy love.  No one will love you more just because you bought them a gift.  Receiving a gift from a stranger doesn’t mean that you love them more or are obligated to love them more.  Although some people might think that.  Giving a wedding ring to a girl won’t make her love you more.  If you’re confident enough to give her an expensive ring, you should already know that she loves you.  The ring won’t make her love you more, and if it does, you need to seriously reconsider whether this woman ever really loved you in the first place, or if she just loves the idea of what you can give her.  I might think it would be better to just ask her first and then give her the ring.  That way there’s no pressure that you spent an arm and a leg on this little stupid thing and still expect a “yes.”

Who am I kidding, I’m gonna be traditional and do it too.  But I’m confident that a ring won’t matter; it’ll just solidify and confirm what I already know.  I feel bad for guys with a lot of money because they’ll get a lot of fake love because of what they’re able to buy.  I guess I should be thankful that I don’t have that problem haha.

The only gift you can ever give that shows how much you really love someone is your time.  Money comes and goes, and typically, you’ll always make it back.  But time is something you can never get back, and since it’s constantly running out, the time you give should be important and well invested.

My whole life, I won’t be spending enough time with some of those I love and will probably spend time with people who don’t deserve it.  And while I’ll regret not changing my priorities with the people I love, I’ll never regret giving it to those who didn’t love back, didn’t appreciate me enough, or hurt me.  Because at one time, I thought that person deserved it.  I’d much rather give a little bit of myself to everyone I think deserves it than never give it to anyone and pass up people who do.  You put your trust and heart into a lot of people who can break both, but to me, it’s much better than never giving it out at all.

I’m the kind of person that goes into a situation with minimal expectations of how it will turn out.  And that’s not because I’m a Negative Ned, but because typically, every time I get my hopes high about how something might turn out, it doesn’t work out that way at all.  Bachelor party in Vegas and I’m stoked.  On the way out there, I get a $200 speeding ticket because I went 65 through a small town who’s speed limit was 35.  Whoops…  Excited to watch a movie and for some reason it’s scratched at the best part.  There are tons of scenarios that always play out that way, but those are just a few.  I think I’m extremely unlucky.  And I wouldn’t say I’m superstitious at all, but for some reason, I’ve designated one pair of underwear as lucky.  I honestly have no idea why; I don’t do this with anything else.  But every time I wear them, I like to think they’ll bring good luck to whatever I’m about to do.  But lately, the days I’ve put them on are days I deem important, but backfire anyway, meaning they either have lost their magic or were never lucky at all.  I wore them today because I hoped they’d bring luck to something that could happen.  And because that scenario never even happened, even the best plans I can make will just remain cute ideas…

Maybe not washing them will bring back the luck.  I’m sure it’ll bring something…I just don’t know if it’s luck.

Forget you lucky underwear.  You’re just a piece of cloth manufactured in India that covers my loins.  The only expectations I can have are of myself, not of whatever event I’m going to and whether my boxers will bring me some luck.  All I can promise is that I’m going to have the best possible time I can and try to share that fun with other people.  And the event you go to is really just made up of the people you have deemed worthy of your time and love.  So make sure you show it.

I guess since I’ve identified my problem, the solution seems to obvious to ignore.  Looks like I’m throwing out that underwear today and calling my mom.

Happy 2010, my loves. Thanks for reading.

– The New Year Nudist


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