No One Cares If You Say Hi

My posts sound so cynical and depressing, but these are just things I think about.  I hope that no one thinks that I’m either one of the adjectives previously used.  I’m a positive person who just so happens to realize certain things and post them in a negative way…

1 thousand apologies…

During the holidays, I went back home to the lovely city of Sylmar.   I tell my mom that I’m leaving the house to go hang out with some old friends from high school, and before I left, my mom tells me…

“Tell everyone I say ‘hi and Merry Christmas.'”

I never understood why my mom always had to let other people know that she say “hello” through me.  I just feel so awkward telling people, “O by the way, my mom says ‘hi and Merry Christmas.'”  I guess it’s not that awkward, but it’s hard to find the place to use it.  Unless the person that I’m visiting asks about my mom, then I’m probably not going to bring it up.  Because what happens after you tell someone that your mom (or anyone for that matter) says “hello?”  They say..

“O…well tell her that I say ‘hi’ back and ‘Merry Christmas.'”

The conversation between me and my mom would then play out like this…

(or at least in my head it does…)

Mom – “How was it hanging out with (friend) and his family?”

Me – “It was good.  I gave them the important message that you had bestowed upon me to deliver just before I exited our household.  To your previous greeting of ‘hello and Merry Christmas,’ they answered with a ‘hello and Merry Christmas’ back.  Now please, mother, fetch me a grilled cheese sandwich.”

Mom – “Yes, my noble messenger.  You’ve done well and deserve a grilled cheese.  I shall make you one for everyday you deliver such messages to old friends, from this day henceforth.”

Just in case you were wondering, my mom and I like to speak like we are in the Medieval Ages.  It improves our communication skills.

If only that were true…

But honestly, who do people do that?  Is it crucial to people that you say “hi” through another person?  If the message is delivered, is there really any difference in not saying hello?  I just feel like it doesn’t change anything at all.  This is getting too hard.  Let me use letters.

A – Person saying hello
B – Person visiting friend (delivering message)
C – Person being visited (receiving message)

C will not judge A differently if C never knew A said hello.

I think, ultimately, it’s just a nice gesture.  And like many nice gestures, they are unnecessary.  They are only done to be considerate.  Like saying “God Bless You” when someone sneezes in a library.

Polite – Yes.  Necessary for survival or considered impolite if you don’t say “bless you” – Absolutely Not.

I don’t feel like I am the sole person that has to say “bless you” to this person that I don’t know.  Plus, you don’t know how the sneezer is going to react to someone random they don’t know saying “bless you” to them.  Dane cook has this funny skit about Reacting To Sneezing And God Bless You

Now holding a door for someone is completely different and is very necessary.  Shaking hands with someone is very necessary as well.  Those are small polite things that improve life.  Maybe I’ll write about that later.  Probably not…

In conclusion, I never say “hello” through people because I think it’s dumb.  If I want to say “hello,” I’ll say it myself, not through someone else.  It just seems so fake to me, and I don’t really like fake things.  Unless they are knock offs.  Like fake LaCoste Polos from China where the polo looks the exact same, only the alligator is facing the wrong way and it’s about $10 US.  Those fake things are cool.  BUT ONLY THOSE!

Again, this is one of those posts that aren’t really about anything.  It’s just a thought process that’s written down that you ride through with me every time you read one of these.  You’re lucky this ride is free.  If I could charge I would, and believe me, people would pay big bucks to read what happens in this mind….


Thanks for riding.

– The Fake Polo


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