1-Way Only

You know what’s one of the dumbest things ever?  1 way streets.  Why would you make a street that only allowed traffic to go one way?  That doesn’t seem like a good move when it would appear that the objective of a street would be to promote access to different places within a city.  There are places in LA that have 1 way streets, and it’s such a pain in the bumper when you miss a street or a building or McDonalds or something.  You have to circle the block and hope that you’ll be able to hit a 2-way street or a 1 way street heading the way you wanted to go.  I guess there’s nothing that can be done about it though.  It’s already how it is.  They should not make any more of them though.

I’ve been watching tv more than usual lately.  I noticed a couple things.  I feel like there are fewer commercials at the beginning of a show so that they can draw viewers in and keep their attention, but at the end of the show, they pack in a ton of commercials because they know that they have the viewer, and they will stick through the ads to get to the end of the show.  I’ll wait 5 minutes just so I can see if little Timmy actually does make it out of the well or not.  (Why do they let Timmy play by that freakin well so much?  If he gets stuck in the well “again,” that’s either your fault for letting him play over there, or Timmy’s fault for not learning his lesson.  Regardless, a golden retriever shouldn’t be on alert every time you go near a water hole.)  Anyways, if there was a 5 minute break in the beginning of the show, when I haven’t invested time or attention to the show, then I’ll gladly change the channel.  You ever watch something and you don’t understand why you’re watching, but you have to see the end of it?  For example, you find yourself watching an episode of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman and you have to see if she saves the town and some of its dying residents.

Why do they call her Dr. Quinn medicine woman?  Why would the title not just be Dr. Quinn?  Maybe to show what kind of doctor she is?  Like Dr. Quinn, Foot & Leg Woman.  Like she’s some kind of podiatrist or something.  Maybe the “Medicine” is necessary.

Actually, no it’s not.  Shoulda just gone with Dr. Quinn.  But Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman is pretty memorable.  Ok, I guess it’s alright haha.

Another thing I noticed is that during sporting events, they seem to focus on hot girls.  Does anyone else see that?  College football game?  Let’s go to the student section and focus on three hot girls wearing their Reggie Bush USC jerseys.  Baseball game?  Focus in on the hot girl twirling around her Rally Monkey when Vlad Guerrero hits a homerun.  The few times a cameraman will zoom in on the crowd is to show a celebrity, a ridiculous looking fan, or a hot girl.  Or when players run into the stands and punch fans.

Why are rows of seats called Stands?  Haha.  Don’t they promote sitting?

Do you ever wonder how much time you spend sitting on a daily basis?  I spend a ton of time sitting.  I wake up, walk downstairs to eat a bowl of cereal sitting on a chair.  I sit in my car to drive to work.  I sit at work and work all day.  I sit when I eat lunch.  I sit when I drive home.  I sit in front of the tv.  I sit when I eat dinner.  So much sitting.

I wonder what my sitting to walking ratio is.  It probably looks like

sitting > walking

My amount of sitting is greater than my walking.  An unsatisfactory equation.

Sitting > walking = lazy

That’s pretty accurate…

Well, there’s a corner coming up, and Thanksgiving is right around it.  Time to think about everything that we have instead of everything that we don’t.  Family, friends, and friends that become family.  Food, shelter, transportation, entertainment, comfort.  All things to be thankful for.  Whether you pray or not, I think it’s important to recognize what you have and everything and everyone that helped make that possible.  Health is another important thing to be thankful for.  Regardless of how you feel that day, you’re still alive and hopefully able to spend some time with people you’re close with.  I also think that everyone should give thanks.  The holiday is, after all, called Thanksgiving.  Just be sure to say thanks to the people around you, because they will probably be the ones who mean most to you, and it’s important that they know you’re thankful.

So thank you, everyone who reads and everyone who comments.  This blog is mainly for my own personal gain, and it’s always interesting to read your thoughts on my thoughts.  I appreciate your patience, your tolerance, and your feedback.

Have a wonderful day with full of food, family and lafter.

There was an “F” theme I was trying to run with there, but I think I just tripped and fell over stupidity.

Thanks everyone.  But not you, one-way street….ok, maybe today.

– The Sitting Turkey


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