Sharing Is Not Caring

I believe that there are 3 different types of people who use Facebook.

1). The “I barely use that thing and I only have new updates because people tag me in them” person
2). The “I found something funny and you might like this” person
3). The “This is every single thing that is going on in my life right now” person

Sometimes, I think we forget that what we say on Facebook is pretty much there forever unless we take it off or tell Google to get rid of it.  I know it’s supposed to be a fun and entertaining medium, but I hope the things that I make public don’t come back to haunt me.  I think it’s just the misspellings and the lack of effort to proofread before posting or asking, “Is this really worth posting?” really bugs me.  Below is my version of a timeline (or reverse timeline if you want to get technical) of an average day for person number 3.


“Just woke up and I’m starving. Bout to make an epic meal #hungry”
(1 like)

“Just made my first omollete of the week!”
Instagram picture

“Just took my first bite of the omelette! It’s just ok but it’s still good!”
(1 like (same person))

Person is listening to Spotify
– Current trendy “indie” group

Person read 3 articles on Yahoo
– Kate Middleton Slams Bono?
– 19 foods that will kill you, but could also change your life.
– Arizona woman claims she gave birth to a cactus

“Super full from my omelette. #stuffed”

“Off to work!”

“Quote about making the most out of life – Famous person”

“Traffic sucks! Jus sayin…”

Instagram picture of traffic

“Dear Everyone On The Freeway. Get out of my way. I’m late to a job I’m going to complain about.
Sincerely, Me.”
(20 likes) (87 comments, 70 of them are from me commenting about your comments).

“Work sucks!”

Person made 4 comments on statuses/walls

Person added 5 High School classmates that you never want to talk to or add yourself, but now you have to click on their names to see what they look like.

“I can’t wait to eat lunch today. So #bored and #hungry.”

“Lunch time but not sure what to get. Any suggestions?”
(no suggestions)

“Chilis!” – Check-in at Chilis

15 Instagram pictures of a shitty soft taco from Chilis

“So full from lunch with the co-workers. #full again” – With Best Friend at Work and 5 other people who don’t want to be tagged in this post.

“Ugh, that 2:30 feeling…”

“Crap, meeting in 10 minutes with the boss!”
(8 comments between Kevin and the person who sits 5 feet away from me.  Includes way 13 LOLs…in 8 comments…)

“This meeting is so boring I don’t even know what there talking about. #daydreaming”

“30 minutes until I’m free from this hellhole!”

Person is playing FarmCafeZombieMafiaVille

Screen shot of my high score playing some game.

“Yes finally off work time to hit the gym!”

“Getting pumped!” – Taking time out of my workout to check-in at the gym

“What a great workout! Nothing like a post workout protein boost” – Check-in at In N Out
(3 likes) (27 comments about how everyone is passively aggressively making fun of me for going out to eat a burger after the work out and the last two comments are me misspelling something and then “fixing” it with an asterik)


“Finally headed home after a log and bus day. Had to answer like 16 emals and only got to play (popular app game) for like 45 minotes today.”
“*Long and busy! LOL!!!”

19 new pinterest updates

“Love watching (Shitty tv show)! (Supporting Character) is so hot!”

18 youtube videos about supporting character

“I have the best (significant other endearing term) ever!”
– OR –
“Random message about having my heart broken directed towards a very obvious someone.”

“Going to bed. Exhausted can’t wait for friday. Night world.”

Person made 14 comments on statuses/walls


I know I bash on these people because they clutter my newsfeed, but honestly, my newsfeed would probably be empty if it wasn’t because of these people.  So you keep posting, person 3.  I’m bored and I need something to look at…

Thanks for reading.

– Autocorected



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