Sorry I’m So Hot

Is it me, or is it messed up that girls can say “It’s hot in here” and that subliminally means “you need to do something about it.”  Girls don’t even need to ask, and guys do stuff for them.  If my guy friend told me he was hot, I’d tell him to turn the air on.  Or stop whining.  I don’t mind reading into the female’s subliminal requests, but I think every guy just wants a little recognition that it’s a hard freakin job, and it’s pretty much impossible to nail it every single time.  Guys will routinely have to pass subliminal pop quizzes, and while they usually know when one is happening, there’s no way to prepare for them.  They just happen, and we have to take them.  And these quizzes result in pass, fail, and partial credit.  Every guy hopes he passes these tests, because he knows the consequences of failing.  Partial credit is better than nothing, but not much better, because it probably means you answered just well enough to not fail.  Doesn’t mean it was the wrong answer, but certainly didn’t mean it was the right one.

Freakin women…

Sometimes when you mess up, you don’t need an excuse; just an apology.  An excuse without a “sorry” indicates the feeling that you didn’t do anything wrong.  There was a reason or something else that happened.  People don’t always need a “why” you were late, they just want to hear that you were in the wrong for making them wait.  Doesn’t mean there isn’t a reasonable explanation.  But the response “it’s not my fault” often triggers a negative reaction.  Sometimes people think an apology is a sign of weakness because you’re admitting you messed up.  But when has it been wrong to accept responsibility?  I don’t know why everyone is so afraid to just tell the truth when they wrong someone.  I can’t say that I don’t do this too: make up a tiny little lie that might smooth over the situation.  I’ve just been trying to be more honest, even if it’s something small and stupid.  Honestly is not always the best policy, but it sure as hell is a good one.  Apologies show maturity, and everyone makes mistakes.  There’s no reason to not be able to admit that.  That small, five letter word can be a big way of indicating how you feel about the person.

And those “sorry’s” have to be sincere or it’s useless.  You can’t say “well I’m sorry you’re upset that I didn’t show up EXACTLY when YOU wanted me to.”  Or when people say “sorry” like a roller coaster.  They start really high, then go low, then go back to high.

“Well I’m SOORRrrrrrrRRRYYYY!!”

A great way to make a situation worse is to give a fake apology…

Relationship duration has a lot to do with maturity.  There are people who you really enjoy hanging out with, but you can only tolerate them for like 5 hours.  Once that 5 hour time limit is up…you want to shoot them hahaha.

Why do bachelorette parties have to be decorated with male genitalia?  Penis straws, penis hats, penis necklaces, penis balloons.  It’s just extremely weird that manjunk would be celebrated so heavily on that day.

Well, that’s the thought that ends this post.  Weird I know, but whatever…shut up.

Thanks for reading.

– The Tardy Bachelorette


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