The Name of the Game

Who was the person in charge of naming the fly?  Apparently the most uncreative person ever.  Must have been the same guy who named the orange.

“Ok, Lenny…everyone gets a chance to name something and we all know you didn’t exactly give 100% when you picked orange.  Now’s your chance to redeem yourself with this insect.  So what’s it gonna be?”

“FLY?!  Seriously?!  Ok, that’s it, you don’t get to name anything anymore.  Everyone, listen up.  No one ask Lenny to name anything unless you want the most obvious freakin answer.”

Or maybe it was just one guy who was tired of coming up with names.

“I’ve been doing this for 3 straight days, this is ridiculous.  What’s that?  I don’t know…it’s uhhhhhh…an Orange, ok!  Are we done?!”

Then he sees a carrot.


I watch this show called Modern Family.  It’s hilarious by the way.  I don’t typically watch bad things.  Ok, that’s debatable, but if you haven’t seen an episode, you should check it out.  There was this great quote about people changing.

“People are who they are…give or take 15%  That’s how much they can change.  Whether it’s for themselves or the people they love.  And sometimes…that’s just enough”

Are you ever really ready for something big to happen?  I think you just have to let it come and then react to it.  Are you ever “ready” for a baby?  Are you ever “ready” for a someone to die?  You just have to accept that it’s going to happen and deal with it as it goes.  Doesn’t mean you can’t prepare a little bit 🙂

Whenever I go through those types of things, I always say a little prayer.  I’m not the ideal example of a Christian, but I try to do my best to be a good person.  And it’s nice to know God will be with me.  I know you have to be strong and do your best to get through it, but God is like my seat belt when I’m driving through tough situations.  God is always with us.  Prayer is just a way of recognizing that He’s there.

Thanks for reading, you creative lovers.

– Lenny


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