The Results

Whoever said “you’ll get in return the same amount as you put in” must have been making a gross over-generalization.  There are always gonna be times when you put in wayyy more than you get back (eg relationships, group projects, anything you’ve ever worked hard on and didn’t get any recognition or praise for your efforts) and other times when you’ll get back wayyy more than you put in (eg relationships, group projects, and pretty much every high school test I took).

Your whole life, you’ll be metaphorically picking fruit.  And sometimes life will give you lemons and sometimes it’ll just give you lemon wedges or lemon drops or maybe even something that’s just kinda lemony.  Like a can of pledge.  But I think the important thing to do is accept what you got and move on accordingly.  If you’re not seeing a satisfactory return on your investment, then I think that’s when you gotta make a decision about why you’re in that situation in the first place.

Maybe that was a terrible analogy.  How would you get a can of pledge from picking fruit?  Dumb…

I think it’s important that no matter what you put your efforts into, you accept the outcome and move forward with a positive attitude.  And more importantly, put emotion into the things you do.  A lot of people are hesitant to commit to something that might not work out, so they don’t emotionally invest anything.  But the worst opportunity is the one that isn’t taken, and the worst outcome is one that you don’t learn from.  There’s a chance to learn something from every good and bad thing you experience, and I think it’s so crappy that people go through things with no emotion and then dwell on their failures.  If you try things with the attitude that you’re going to succeed, but are aware that there is a chance of failure, then it becomes easier to accept the outcome.

If you aren’t getting back what you want, then you need to think about what you are getting and see if you’re just being too greedy or if you need to get out of it.  And if it’s not making you happy, then move on.  But be appreciative that you had the opportunity and hopefully you put in what you wanted to.

This took like 2 weeks to write, and I don’t know why.  I think it’s cause I had so much in my head, and I didn’t know what to put down or come off too preachy.  And maybe I missed both, but this is what came out and you ended up reading it anyways hahaha.

Hope you appreciate the time you spent reading this.

-Senor Optimism


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