Weathery Old Folks

Rain, Rain,
Why’d you fall?
My friends and I
Were having a ball
When you came down
And we had to call
The whole day a mess.

Rain, Rain
Look what you’ve done
It’s like you knew
We were having fun
And got really jealous
You weren’t invited to come
But came as an unwanted guest.

The rain’s been comin down sporadically.  Sometimes I like it.  I love a light rain.  I usually walk cause I think it’s dumb to run through light rain.  Nothing I carry on me will be ruined if I walk in the rain haha.  Heavy rain is intense though, and in those cases, I’ll run.  It feels like God’s giving the earth a bath.  The air clears up; plants look refreshed.  It’s like a car wash but on a regional level.  And the car is actually land.

And there’s no soap.

Alright, bad example, but I’ll lightly applaud for a decent attempt.

I went home on Wednesday and my grandma told me my uncle had trouble talking with his dad.  She said if I had problems talking with my mom, she’d kick my in my pants.  Thanks grandma…

My grandma is 85.  She sends me emails and usually tries to end it with a couple words of wisdom.  She’s no Confucius or even a Dr. Phil, but it’s the attempt that I appreciate.

“Have a good week – you sound happy – good sign.  love, grandma”

“Until we see your happy face and your new car – enjoy each day; when the opportunity arises, do a good deed.  Love, grandma”

“Just a short note – check the directions on the veggie package – we prefer the stove method – when you micro the veggies, they become very soggy.  Enjoy – love, grandma”

They say you don’t get to choose your family.  I don’t know who “they” are but they’ve said it and I was listening.  And a lot of times, you don’t get to choose how much you love them.  A couple weeks ago, I talked about filling up your giving cup.  Whenever I go home, my family fills mine.  I hope I’m doing the same for them.

Some grandparents are creepy.  A lot of grandparents are normal; they’re just looking for somebody to talk to and show them some love.  Thanks T-pain.

There’s a ton of people in this world.  It’s not out of the question to think that someone is doing the exact same thing that you’re doing at the exact same moment.  Or even feeling the same thing you’re feeling.  But have you ever thought that someone could be thinking about how much they love you the exact same time you’re thinking about how much you love them?  Chances are much less likely, but results are twice as cute haha.

I wonder if grandma is thinking about me…

Thanks for reading.

-Grandma’s Boy


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