“Looks like we maaaaade it.”  This should be the last post of 2009.  Who am I kidding…this WILL be the last one.  I’m not going go to write anything within the next couple days, I’ll be honest with myself.  At least anything worth reading.

This year had a lot of speed bumps, but overall, it went by pretty fast.  I moved out of Orange County, started my second year of grad school, got into an accident, met some new people, and I feel like I learned a lot of life lessons.  And now it’s time for new beginnings in 2010.

I’ll be honest with myself, I think I’ve said that for the past 3 years.  And yea, there have been some new things, but overall, I haven’t made the changes I’ve been wanting to make.  I think a lot of people have probably said the same thing, but that doesn’t make me feel any better.  I don’t know why people lump themselves in groups that do bad things and try to make themselves feel better.  Yea, I failed on a couple new years resolutions, but so did a lot of people.  Yea, I steal things, but so do a lot of people.  Does that make stealing ok?

Alright, the last one was a bit more extreme, but still held the same principles.

Ever notice how incomparable and incompetent are close in pronunciation?  I guess you could use both in the same sentence.  His incompetence is incomparable.  Anyways…

Remember the Y2K scare?  Wtf was that.  That stuff really got outta hand.  And it was all because of some simple computer coding.  Wikipedia told me that countries that didn’t spend a lot of prep time for the “millennium bug” (Italy and South Korea) experienced just as few problems as other countries that spent a lot of time on it (UK and US).  Whoops…

I saw a commercial today (I don’t even remember the product), but the guy speaking said “You never forget your first love” and then held up a picture of his old Mustang.  It was a blue car, not a horse for all of those who might need clarification.  “You never forget your first love” is a cancerous statement to anyone trying to start a new relationship.  That’s the last thing anyone wants to hear or think about.  And it is true; people never forget the first people they fell in love with.  But lack of trust makes this tough to understand.  If you’re on good terms with the first person that deeply influenced your life, then to me, it doesn’t make sense to severe a tie that person.

Alright, enough of that crap haha.  It’s the start of a new decade, and hopefully a start of a new you.  Everyone can afford a little positive change.  Sometimes change hurts, but it doesn’t means it’s not positive or necessary.  Changes that are tough suck to go through, but are often the most rewarding.  So hang in there and stay away from laziness.  And let’s lump ourselves in the group that completes those resolutions this year.

Thanks 2009.  You were fun, but it’s time for a little change…

Thanks for reading.

– 2009’s Party Favor


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